5 Podcasts – Researching starting a business in Ireland


Why do some business fail and some succeed?

Firstly why not find out about other business have succeeded. Kevin Kelly learned that of all the major breakthrough companies in America, 88% were the result of the exceptional execution of an ordinary idea, and just 12% were new inventions. This was the starting point for Kevin’s dedicated study of this issue. Have a listen to this podcast. It will give you insights on how to avoid failure for your business.


Validating your business idea with Lean Canvas

Take a lean approach to start a business by using the Lean Canvas. In this podcast, Donncha Hughes, business consultant, introduces the concepts and to do’s, for people who want to develop an idea into a business in Ireland. Have a listen to this podcast on Lean Canvas for your business.


Why branding is not design

When you think of a brand I bet the first thing you think of is your companies logo. The truth is when it comes to a brand that’s only a very small part of it. One of the biggest mistakes companies or individuals make is rushing straight into the “fun” part of creating a visual identity when the reality is without a clear brand strategy you may waste significant investment and furthermore hold your business back from really reaching its full potential. Have a listen to this podcast on why design is not branding by Lorraine Carter


Getting a product developed

Are you looking to get a product developed? In this business podcast, we interview Connectable Design & Development and get them to share their product design and development process with us. Connectable Design & Development are a turnkey company, from design to manufacturing, for many types of products including physical and software based. Have a listen to this podcast on getting a product developed.



Information Grants and Government supports

Learn about what supports your Local Enterprise Office can provide when you are starting a business in Ireland. The Local Enterprise Office (LEO) position itself as the first stop shop for all Irish Business supports.

John Magee is a senior figure in the Mayo Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and based in the west of Ireland. We sat down with John to learn about the range of ways his organization helps businesses in Ireland. Listen to this podcast