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We’d love to hear from you if you would like to be an Inc60 Podcast Contributor. Do you have Industry Knowledge, are you an Expert in your field or maybe you have lots of Experience as an Entrepreneur or you are a member of an Irish Government Agency. Whatever your background if you have practical knowledge that can help small business in Ireland then drop us a line!

We are always looking for really good quality content that comes from experience
― Clare, co-founder at Inc60

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    There is something in it for everyone!

    If we decide to publish your content, we give you a dedicated business page on with links to all your social media channels and website, along with being on the Meet the Experts directory. We also create an article along with the Podcast Slieve Graphics. The podcast is published on all good podcasting channels Spotify, iTunes, Inc60 App etc.

    We ask all contributors to cross promote content with us on Social Media, with their Business Networks, Employees etc.

    There is no cost to you, the Inc60 Contributor, only benefits and consequently benefits to small businesses throughout Ireland. Inc60™ retains rights to the content but we do accept any feedback before we publish. We also give you the HTML codes so your potential customers can play the podcast on your own Website or Social Media Channels and a Contributor Badge for your website.

    Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much 
    ― Helen Keller