Selling to large organisations

Build and manage successful buyer-seller relationships. (B2B)


Sales is all about designing and implementing effective strategies to build and manage successful buyer-seller relationships.

In this video Patrick Taggart of Odissy tells us how to increase your chances of getting a first meeting, the importance of connections and how best to leverage your network.

Patrick shares the approach taken by his company on the back of his many years in sales. He favours a deliberate and targeted approach that avoids chasing everybody in the market. He suggests fortnightly sales meetings to decide whom to target and what the approach should be. He suggests implementing a system to identify decision makers and provides ratios between the numbers of key decision makers and company size. Patrick outlines how identify and influence key decision makers, potential service users, influencers and those who might champion your product. Patrick sees building an accurate picture of your customer and his/her problem as essential in order to craft an appropriate Sales Value Proposition. A Sales Value Proposition should highlight the problem, solution and benefit (including ROI, differentiators and case studies). Finally Patrick provides some statistics highlighting the superiority of approaches via introductions compared to direct unsolicited approaches.