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Write a book and get it published


In this business podcast on self publishing Alex Blackwell does a fantastic job of going through all the steps needed to self publish a book. He tells helpful stories to relay his experiences of self publishing and also takes us through the practical steps necessary to get our books into our customers hands. He talks about digital and physical publishing, self publishing versus using a traditional publishing house, useful technology and last but not least costs involved.

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It was recorded at a live session in Ballina Public Library in Co. Mayo, Ireland as with all live events they maybe some issues at times with the sound. At Inc60™ we think the content more than makes up for it, we hope you do too.

Authored and Published Books by Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell is a frequent author, writing about sailing and sailing adventures, contributing to several magazines, websites and e-zines. He has enjoyed a professional career as copywriter, marketer and speaker. Alex has written and self-published two novels and is working on the third of his series. He also published an oyster cook book. Together with his wife Daria he has written and published two further non-fiction books: one on boat anchoring and one on sailing or driving along the Wild Atlantic Way, as well as a short story collection “Onyx, the Cruising Kitty”. All titles are available in print and Kindle format, Alex having done the design, layout and prep for the final files, including the conversion to Kindle format. Leveraging social media, their informational and publishing websites, and public speaking engagements, their anchoring book has become the best seller in its genre on Amazon. The other titles have also all been well received and are slowly gaining traction. Alex does seminars on a topics such as boat anchoring, sailing to distant lands, as well as self-publishing. As a licensed captain (Master Mariner), Alex also does both local and international yacht deliveries.