Infographics -with four steps. Why my website is not working for my business

When you have an issue with your TV you check each part of the system to see what’s broken e.g. the TV has power, TV Tuning, Aerial, Cables, Connectors etc. until you isolate the problem.

A website is no different from a problem with anything e.g. TV, find out where the problem is and discover how you can fix it.

Sounds simple we know it’s not, we don’t even have the option of turning it off and on again like you would a TV 😉

But it’s not all bad news, there are simple steps you can take to resolve the issues. The different with websites is that standards and things that work change all the time so it is a cyclical process. Ok, so the first step is to find out where the problem is?

Are you getting traffic to your website?

If you have website statistics e.g. google analytics installed on your website find out what the visitor statistics are to your website. If not ask your hosting company if they provide statistics, failing that get a web development company to install google analytics on your site or maybe if you have time install it yourself for free.

Completely confused already – Don’t worry have a listen to this podcast to give you an overview of all the terminology when dealing with websites.

Getting your business online


If you have very little visitors to your website then traffic is your problem, have a listen to the following podcasts and videos under the heading: Help people to find your business using Social Media & Web Searches – Increase Website TrafficINC60 Online SERIES

There is great information from Industry experts on SEO, Getting Value for your Advertising spends & Social Media etc.

I have traffic but no one is buying

So you have enough traffic but people for some reason or other are not taking the step you want them to take on your website. We know this could be lots of reason for this. We put it down to three main reasons:

  1. Bad Traffic – e.g. People arrive on your site expecting one thing and seeing another
  2. Value Proposition – e.g. Trust or Visitors don’t feel they are getting value for their spend
  3. User Experience – e.g. Website too slow or visitors can’t find the button to press to take them to the next step.

We recommend these podcasts to get you started on increasing your Value Proposition and Conversion Rates under the heading Sell Sell Sell – Increase Conversation Rates & Getting your messaging & Value Proposition right on Inc60 as part of the Online Series

Best of Luck!