How to organise any information quickly and easily

Simple Software Listing Tool


This is a great little tool to help you organise pretty much anything. We show an example here of how to organise your social media posts. It can be used on your laptop or as a App on your tablet or phone. As it’s free. You can sign up easily using an existing account with google or by creating a trello account.

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I am sure there are many great tools out there for organising things and we’d love to discover more and showcase them so let us know what tools you use and their major benefits to your business.

Here was the sample post types we used in the how to video

1. Quotes from Podcast Interviews
2. Upcoming Inc60™ Events
3. Testimonial from Inc60™ Attendees
4. Informational – Did your know post
5. How to Video
6. Podcast Releases
7. Seasonal Content
8. News about Business
9. Shared 3rd party content about Business
10. Inc60™ Explorers Taking about podcasts or different items
11. Inc60™ Company philosophy
12. Inc60™ Business Infographics
13. Inc60™ Business Articles/blogs

There are many great videos out there to show you more advanced features. Here is a link to See below for more tools to help you run your business smarter, faster and at less of a cost.