Why branding is not design

Getting your branding right

Branding is not design

When you think of a brand I bet the first thing you think of is your companies logo. The truth is when it comes to a brand that’s only a very small part of it. One of the biggest mistakes companies or individuals make is rushing straight into the “fun” part of creating a visual identity when the reality is without a clear brand strategy you may waste significant investment and furthermore hold your business back from really reaching its full potential.

Everyone loves getting involved in the all the creative but please don’t do all the creative till you have developed your brand strategy first

– Lorraine Carter Founder of Persona Branding & Design

If you were to build a house you wouldn’t go the architect and simply say, “design me a house that looks nice”, it has to fulfill certain criteria, how many people will be living in it, how will it fit in with its surroundings, safety requirements etc. The truth is the final design has to incorporate so many considerations so it meets your needs and lasts a long time. Creating a brand is no different.

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In this podcast with Lorraine Carter, she explains why branding is NOT about design and she outlines some of the things you need to consider when creating your own strategy.

Lorraine has an insatiable curiosity about all things brand related, she is the founder and principal of Persona Branding & Design, an award-winning, multi-disciplinary company. “Branding is NOT marketing or design but the bedrock strategy supporting and directing your whole business so we empower our clients to transform their brands and increase their sales. With over 20 years experience we've worked with brands and clients from a multitude of sectors for both the national and international markets, many of which are household names. Check out the Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ System if you want to be the standout, most visible brand in your sector because this is the system to make your brand more profitable and the top choice for your customers.” Lorraine is a winner of numerous awards, a brand strategist, advisor, professional speaker, designer and writer. She is a branding programme facilitator too, delivering master classes, keynotes and bespoke workshops on effective brand creation, building and management. Lorraine won the Best Blog Award Ireland of an SME and former Winner of Business Woman of the Year, Dublin.