Can a company set a retirement age?

Retirement Age Company Policy

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As an employer in Ireland, you may have lots of questions about employees retirement age.  We chat to Barry Crushell, Employment Law Solicitor, from Tully Rinckey International Legal Services Firm with offices in Dublin. We ask him lots of questions including:

  • Can you have a set retirement age in employees contracts?
  • Can you force someone to retire?
  • How can you protect yourself against unfair dismissal?
  • What’s the best approach to take when it is coming up to an employees retirement age?

Raising the retirement age continues to pose a lot of challenges for employers and
employees alike. It is important for employees and employers to know their legal rights and recourse when it comes to this monumental change in retirement ages. Additionally, employers must be aware of this change and how it could impact on business. Employers who do not wish to be at risk for claims of discrimination must understand the legal ramifications of dealing with employees who may not wish to retire and what happens if they are forced to do so.

– Tully Rinckey Ireland – Partner Wendy Doyle

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Barry answers the above questions and more about what employers need to take into account when looking at the topic of retirement within their company. He gives examples, including Tully Rinckeys own policies, and lets employers know best practices for everyone in this area.


Barry Crushell is a Partner of Tully Rinckeys Dublin office and Chief Operating Officer for European Operations. In this role, Barry advises a wide range of Irish and international clients on a full spectrum of complex commercial and employment law matters. Barry counsels a variety of commercial and business clients at every stage of the corporate life cycle – from early-stage funding through to exit. He also provides commercial clients with practical responses to new employment legislation, case law, and regulatory changes, and has the ability to strategically advise on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious employment law matters.