Attracting top talent to your business

Getting your dream employee to choose you


People are everything to a business. They can be the ones causing all the problems and equally, they can be the ones creating all the solutions.  Choosing the right person to join your organisation is one of the most important things for any business owner and the first step is trying to attract top talent to an interview.

We talk to Stephen Flanagan of Talent Attract and he gives us some great insights on things you can do to attract the right talent for your business.

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Sometimes a small business has to compete with large corporates that can pay a lot more and give great incentives for potential employees to work for them. Find out how you can compete with larger companies who can pay more and get the right candidates to attend a job interview.

Stephen Flanagan is an employer brand consultant, who helps organisations attract and retain the best talent to continue their success and growth. Observing the huge gap in the market for candidate attraction and employer branding services, Stephen set up his own consultancy - TalentAttract. The business provides a range of services for organisations who have difficulty with attracting & retaining talent. These include job writing, advertising strategy, employer brand analysis and strategy. Stephen also provides training to external and internal recruiters around candidate attraction and gives seminars around the subject.