Employing people in Ireland – A HR Perspective

An introduction to being an employer

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Do you employ people in Ireland or are you thinking of employing people? If the answer is yes then this foundational podcast is for you.

There is a very specific set of terms and conditions you have to give employee within 8 weeks of them starting employment

Noreen from People Matters gives information for employers on what is required of them when they employ people in Ireland. She tells us about what you can and can’t ask in an interview, employment contracts and discusses the functions of the Workplace Relations Commission. Noreen takes us through some policies as well as the best way of presenting them to your employees e.g. Bullying Policy.

Noreen Coyne is an experienced HR Specialist who gives very practical advice within the context of employment legislation.

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We hope you find this HR Podcast useful for your business, we certainly enjoyed talking to Noreen and leveraging her vast experience of HR in Ireland to help other employers.

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An enthusiastic HR professional with a passion for developing the potential of people to drive business success. Noreen has worked in senior HR roles in services, retail and manufacturing sectors and gained a broad range of experience working with multinationals, not-for-profit and small business whilst continuing ongoing professional development. Owner and Managing Consultant at People Matters, Noreen works with companies to develop an HR strategy which maximises the contribution of people resources in achieving business goals through people development, employee engagement and best practice HR policies.