Tax Credits for Research & Development

How to avail of R&D Tax Credits


In this podcast we discover all about how companies in Ireland can get Research & Development Tax Credits for research & development activities within their organisation. Dr James Kennedy & Gerry Vahey of Mazars take us through the process of how it works for your business.

There is a lot of companies still in Ireland not availing of R&D tax credits

They tell us about the minimum criteria and also the common mistakes made by some companies.

It’s well worth a listen to see if using Research & Development tax credits can work for your business in the future. If you company is doing something new and you have to sit down and think about how we’re going to solve these problems. Then it could be for your business!

Business podcast on Research & Development Tax Credits

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Gerry Vahey MazarsDr Gerry Vahey

Gerry joined Mazars in 1997 and became a Partner in 2006. He has extensive experience in advising clients on the most appropriate methods of structuring their ownership of intellectual property. He also advises companies on identifying opportunities for maximising the value of research and development.

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