How to deal with your debt in Ireland

When the difficult becomes impossible


If your sitting at home in Ireland worried about your debt, this business podcast on debt management is definitely for you. It specifically deals with how Irish Law has changed and how that can help you deal with your debt more effectively than ever before.

Far too often people are afraid to come out and ask for help, we hope this Inc60™ podcast helps you get the right advice for your situation. What we have learned from doing this podcast is that help is available, and it easier make decisions once to have the full picture. It’s good to talk!

In this business podcast we interview Ross Maguire SC & Nick Lawlor from New Beginning – a firm specialising in debt management, personal insolvency & bankruptcy services.

Business Podcast: How to deal with your debt in Ireland

They talk about the first step – the importance of getting independent advice. Getting advice does not mean your starting any legal bankruptcy process it just means your getting the whole picture of your debt and investigating your full options available to you under Irish law.

According to Ross, Ireland has gone from being one of the worst countries in the world, to be one of the best countries in the world for dealing with debt. In a country that encourages entrepreneurship,  taking risks means some businesses will fail. It is necessary to to have a mechanism in place when that happens.

Nick talks about the importance of independent advice being crucial, far too many people seek advice from the very people who they are in mortgage difficulty with.

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Ross tells us the story of how he was part of the change in legislation in Irish Law to make all of this possible and of how New Beginning his company was formed.

So if your wondering what happens if you take the plunge on a new business and it does not work out, I hope this podcast helps shed light on the situation.

Nick Lawlor

Nick Lawlor
Nick Lawlor is a Financial Services Director in New Beginning. He is one of less than 400 Certified Financial Planners operating in Ireland, a Qualified Financial Advisor and crucially have been dealing with clients in relation to their personal financial situations for over 15 years.