5 Tips on Insurances Policies & Claims for Business

Have you your business property underinsured?

Two people shaking hands with Insurance signs in the background.

We’re all guilty of doing things just to get the box checked so we can move on with other pressing business matters. Paying insurance premiums for your business is usually one of those things. “That’s done, now what next”. It’s not until something goes wrong that you wish you paid a little more attention.

This podcasts really makes you think about your Insurance Policies and the discussions you need to have with your Insurance Agent to make sure your business is adequately covered e.g. Business Interruption Insurance, Property Insurance etc.

So take 20 minutes and pop out for a walk with headphones or just put this insurance podcast on in the car when your commuting from the office today.

When people are working with exposed flames there are huge onerous conditions attached to policy documents.

Pat McCormack – AIA Loss Assessors

Pat McCormack, a Loss Assessor, takes us through 5 basic tips with real-life examples as to what we can look out for to protect our business.

He talks about business owners misunderstandings of questions insurance companies might ask when they are making a claim.

He discusses the major problem of underinsurance, especially when it comes to building and content insurance, currently for Business owners in Ireland.

This podcast has a particular focus on property & business interruption insurance.

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