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Getting support to start exporting goods or services.

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A business involved in a cross-border trade is 9% more productive and have over 50% higher turnover in terms of revenue over those that don’t.

Aidan Gough

We know that it’s tough to grow your business. That’s why we’re talking to InterTradeIreland’s Aidan Gough. He has advice and ideas about how to build your business through innovation and exporting, using the cross-border market on the island of Ireland.

IntertradeIreland has multiple supports for companies looking to export and innovate. Whatever your maturity as a business whether it is only something you are thinking about or whether you are ready to put a sales person on the ground there is support for your business.

Brexit is on the tip of every business person’s tongue these days: How will it affect my business? With so many unknowns is there anything really we can do?. Aiden answers all these questions and more in this Inc60 Business Podcast.

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Aidan Gough in his role as Strategy and Policy Director, advises on collaborative strategy, policy and initiatives to help InterTradeIreland in boosting North/South economic co-operation to the mutual benefit of both economies on the island. Aidan leads InterTradeIreland’s policy and research team to identify areas where joint Government intervention can help to create an environment where it is easier to do business and increase the competitiveness of individual businesses and the island in the global economy. Aidan is a graduate of Queen’s University, Belfast with an MBA and MSc in Economics. Prior to joining InterTradeIreland in 2000, Aidan was Director of the Northern Ireland Economic Council.