Getting a new product manufactured can often be very difficult to figure out. Whether you should do this here in Ireland or look at your options abroad are the questions start ups and established businesses often have. The topic for Inc60 for Feb will be about looking at China for manufacturing and Harry Hughes Managing Director of Portwest Ltd will be the speaker. Portwest have been making and shipping products from China to Europe for over 20 years. The talk from Harry Hughes, Managing Director of Portwest Ltd, the safety company, will equip you with all the knowledge you require to manufacture or buy from China yourself. There are very few barriers to trade with China and you will learn about the benefits it can bring to your business. Portwest ship to five international warehouses and sell in over 83 countries. This is a real Mayo success story.

This session will take place on Friday 20th February at 09.30am in Westport 2015 (venue to be confirmed on registration). 

This event is over, but don’t worry we recorded the event for you How to manufacture or source suppliers in China