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Previous Business Events

Selling into the USA - From Ireland

Inc60™ – U.S. Market Entry Advice for Irish Businesses

Date & Time: Friday, 13th November at 12pm IST 2015 Location:Bank of Ireland Workbench for Startups on Mainguard Street, Galway Periscope Live: @incSixty  Inc60™ LIVE is coming to Galway, Ireland. The event is FREE to attend for any businesses thinking of entering the US market. On Friday, 13th November at 12pm Inc60™ will hold an event in association at the Bank of Ireland Workbench for Startups on Mainguard Street, Galway. The event will assist all types of companies thinking of entering the U.S. market. Participating companies and business people will receive expert guidance and learn...
Selling into the USA

First steps to doing business in the USA

Date & Time: Friday 9th Oct @ 13:00  IST 2015 Location: iHUB, GMIT, Castlebar, IRELAND Periscope Live: @incSixty If you’re in business you’re always looking to expand and grow. You know that only new customers and new markets grow businesses. The United States is the world’s largest and most dynamic economy. It has a GDP above $14 trillion meaning there is no bigger, more bountiful nut for companies to crack. This event was help assist all types of companies thinking of entering the U.S. market. Participating companies and business people will receive expert...
Holding Customer Data

Holding customer data and your legal responsibilities

Companies holding employee files, collecting CVs and saving email addresses all have responsibilities under data protection legislation. Every year our ability to gather, hold and mine vast quantities of data seems to increase exponentially. Data is now a valuable commodity. This new reality places many legal responsibilities upon companies when collecting and holding data. Inc60™ and Mayo County Council will hold a 60 minute session at Lionbridge in Ballina on the subject of Data Protection and Privacy in Ireland. It will feature a presentation and discussion led by Mr. Robert...
Help with Key Legal Contracts

Introduction to key legal contractual issues

Inc60 is holding a roundtable talk with Myles Staunton and Company on Friday the 17th of July at 9.30am 2015. The topic will be Introduction to Key Legal Contractual Issues. The presentation will cover key areas of Legal Contracts such as limiting a company's liability, termination clauses, IPR and confidentiality. The presentation will also include practical tips on areas such as insurance, managing the clients wish list and some relevant case law. There will be an opportunity to have a questions and answers session at the end of the...
Selling Online

Converting Web Traffic to Customers

Most companies have the problem of how they convert their website visitors into customers. Many companies are able to get visitors to their site but unable to convert these visitors into paying customers. Growing and managing an online sales funnel for your business will be the topic in March 2015 for Inc60™ and will be delivered by Niall Devitt co-founder of TweakYourBiz.com. TweakYourBiz.com is a thought leader global publication and online business community. Today, it is part of the Small Biz Trends stable of websites and receives over 300,000 unique...