WestBIC is your support partner to drive and deliver high quality start ups. Established in 1997, WestBIC is the Official EU Business and Innovation Centre for Ireland’s Border, Midlands and Western Region. On a Public Private Partnership basis, WestBIC has already invested in making the global standard of innovation support available in the Region to start ups, early-stage SMEs and to our wider stakeholder networks.

We help entrepreneurs to realise their creativity and convert their ideas to marketable products and services. We support entrepreneurs through their journey from concept to commercialisation.

WestBIC support start-ups with their CSF, HPSU & European Grant Applications including Horizon 2020 & Eurostars Eureka.

Casts by WestBIC

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Are you looking for Horizon 2020 or Eureka European Grant?
Podcast - Interview - 34mins

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