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Learn about Irish Business Supports from Inc60 Podcasts, Videos, and Articles for Irish Businesses. There is lots of business knowledge for Irish businesses at different stages: ideas stage, a startup, diversifying or growing your business.  From the first stop shop of Local Enterprise Offices to applying for multi-million euro grants from European.

We hope you find them useful, please check out all Inc60 other business podcasts for Irish Businesses too!

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Getting support to start exporting goods or services.

Poscast - Interview - 19mins
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Are you looking for Horizon 2020 or Eureka European Grant?

Podcast - Interview - 34mins
Leader-Funding in Ireland

Funding for your business in rural Ireland

Podcast - Interview - 24mins
Tax Credits for Research & Development

How to avail of R&D Tax Credits

Podcast - Interview - 22mins
Innovation Hubs - Ireland

Innovation Centres in Ireland

Podcast - Interview - 19mins
Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) Ireland

First Stop Shop for business help in Ireland

Podcast - Interview - 19mins