Podcast Series on getting an online presence for your business

Here is a series of podcasts and videos we recommend to anyone looking to put their business online. It takes you through all of the terminology, how you improve your chances of your business being found, to converting website traffic into customers. 

Creating your website or an online presense

A picture of a woman sitting at a computer
Introduction to having an online presence
Podcast - Interview - 18mins

Getting your messaging & Value Proposition right

Creating a brand using archetypesvideo
Create a consistent brand using archetypes
Podcast - Interview - 44mins
Branding is not design
Getting your branding right
Podcast - Interview - 37 mins

Help people to find your business using Social Media & Web Searches - Increase Website Traffic

Facebook Engagement
Hello is there anyone out there?
Podcast - Interview - 36mins
How to get facebook page likesvideo
Get people who like your business facebook posts, to like you facebook business page.
Video - How To - 2mins
Video - How To - 6mins
Video - How To - 8mins
Introduction to SEO
I need people to find my website - SEO
Podcast - Interview - 33mins

Sell Sell Sell - Increase Conversation Rates

Podcast - Interview - 25mins
Podcast - Advertising Spend
Do you question what you spend on Advertising?
Podcast - Interview - 27 mins
Niall Devittvideo
Converting web traffic into customers
Video - Inc60 Live Video - 10mins