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Series of Podcasts for Employers in Ireland

Employment in Ireland

At Inc60™ we try to discover answers to employers questions in Ireland. Here is a series of podcasts around employing people in Ireland, from getting the most out your teams to termination of employment contacts.

Things to consider when advertising your job

Remote Working Podcast
Working with Remote Teams
Podcast - Interview - 14mins
Attracting Top Talent
Getting your dream employee to choose you
Podcast - Interview - 19 mins

HR & Employee Engagement

An image of a woman sitting at a table with an employment contract on the table.
An introduction to being an employer
Podcast - Interview - 21mins
Engaging Your Employees
Create a happy and engaged workforce
Podcast - Interview - 29mins
Article on retaining talent by a Millennial
From a Millennials Prospective
Article - - 5mins
Irish Employment Lawvideo
Introduction to employment law
Video - Inc60™ Live Recording - 11 mins

Out Sourcing

Product Development
Amazing product idea, now what?
Podcast - Interview - 27mins
Harry Hughes Portwest - Sourcing in China
Buying from China
Podcast - Inc60™ Live Talk - 47mins

Termination of Employment Contacts

Image of someone terminating someone's employment two men and a woman at a table.
Letting an employee go
Podcast - Interview - 16mins