What is Inc60 about?

Inc60™ collects and shares real practical advice for Irish business people. It doesn’t produce a snazzy weekly show and you won’t find a great deal on social media. What you will find is real, relevant advice from real and relevant experts.

How Inc60 began

Like a lot of businesses, Inc60™ took a little while to figure out who it was and what it did. It came about from an idea from two tech entrepreneurs Clare Carroll and Alan Dowling and the manager of the iHub in GMIT Castlebar, Co. Mayo Maria Staunton. Like many innovation spaces around Ireland, the iHub was a space for start-ups and so regularly over coffee people would share problems, challenges and sometimes a few successes.

They began to look at ways of hosting very short and to the point inclusive 60 minute (inc 60) business knowledge sessions as a replacement for more regular networking style events. They felt there was a real need to go in deep on specific business subjects and give a greater value to a smaller groups, wherever in the world the expertise came. Clare said, “Being based in the West of Ireland used to mean in many cases we were restricted to bringing in experts who worked close by and after a while that becomes a challenge. Over time the sessions were getting so popular that the challenge became, how can business people from other parts or Ireland get some of this good knowledge we were getting from all over the world?”

Inc60™ would like to acknowledge the kind support it received over this time from GMIT, Lionbridge and Mayo.ie as without them Inc60 would not have reached the point it is today.

Why podcasts?

Inc60 was run by business people. They knew that the real value of good business knowledge would come if people were able to weave the content into their working life, whether while travelling, exercising or simply doing their job. Podcasts are a great way to do this.

Alan said, “I remember when we had just finished a really great live session with Harry Hughes CEO of Portwest. I was going through the video content while actually working on something else. Don’t forget, Clare, Maria and I all had our own businesses or jobs to attend to. I noticed that the content was just as good without the video and that actually, audio would be perfect. That is how the Inc60 podcast came to be”.

4 years on and now Inc60 podcasts can be found via the Inc60 App on all platforms as well as on all major podcast platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

Who pays, what’s in it for Inc60?

Inc60 is in business with the sole aim of discovering answers to Irish Business questions. Currently, Inc60™ generates it’s revenue via sponsorship and partnerships. If Small Irish Businesses are your target market and you would like to talk about sponsorship or partnership opportunities please get in touch.

By liking, sharing, subscribing and spreading the word Inc60 can continue to grow its audience. This, in turn, helps to get more answers to your questions, more listeners, and happier sponsors. This allows Inc60 to keep it’s content FREE to you.

Interested in becoming an Inc60 Featured Expert?

Firstly, Inc60 doesn’t pay experts and nor does Inc60 get paid by experts. All advice is neutral with no agenda by Inc60. Many experts simply want to try and help other business people and Inc60 want to help you in return. It’s also a great platform and channel to raise your profile too. Inc60 create a dedicated page on the site about you and your business. Of course the end product too, a podcast that they can embed on their own website and share on social media.

Check out this example of how you can also embed the player on your own website – https://www.newbeginning.ie/

If you would like to feature in one of Inc60 podcasts then CLICK HERE.


Learning & Development professional with a passion for great user experiences, tech and all things business.
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Maria Staunton is currently Programme Manager of the National EMPOWER Programme.

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A Software Engineer with an keen interest in discovering how technology can help businesses and people learn and grow.
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Research, contributor & copywriter.
Any grammar and spelling mistakes are only since he left 😉
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